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Tips For Writing an Essay Topic

Tips For Writing an Essay TopicGetting an essay for competitive exams is a bit more challenging than you might think. Although there are various courses that can prepare you for your topics of essays, you will still have to work on them first before you can turn them into well-written and eye-catching essays that can easily help you pass your subject.This is because one of the best ways to get good grades on a subject is to find out why you are doing poorly on it. In order to do this, you need to be able to identify what is holding you back from getting your subject into an acceptable grade range. That way, you can go about getting a better essay topic than you would otherwise, especially if it is a subject that you are not that familiar with.A good starting point to help you figure out what is holding you back is to compare your essay to those written in the term paper format. If your subject is a book or some other reading material, you should look for essay topics that can be easi ly read from a book. In terms of research and writing, the length of the essay will determine how much you will be able to fit in your topic. However, if your topic is fairly short and it can be broken down easily, this can be a good starting point for your essay.Another thing to keep in mind is the difficulty of the subject. For instance, if you are studying a technical subject, you may want to avoid topics which deal with heavy software programming language. Also, if your subject is an examination on game or computer programming, avoid getting into subjects that will require you to come up with a code from scratch. Doing so will defeat the purpose of the competition!In order to help you write your essay topics, find something that will be both interesting and easy to understand. Always take the perspective of a reader who is actually taking the test instead of one who has already done the test. Instead of putting the focus on yourself as a teacher, put the focus on your students w ho have to do the test!All the concepts you will learn in the context of your student's work will be a great source of inspiration for your essay topics. Remember, when you are writing your topic, you will have to deal with problems that may occur on the actual test, but by studying your student's work and writing in the mindset of a student, you will be able to come up with interesting topics which you can use as a basis for your essay.By working with your essay topics as they would be given to you in the exact situation in which you will have to make a decision, you will have to stay focused on the subject at hand, whether it is an essay or a test. Having the right subject is important in order to get good grades and this includes studying your topic and writing in the mindset of a student who will be taking the exam!

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What Is the 5 E Instructional Model

In the 5 E model of instruction, students construct knowledge and meaning from their experiences. This model was developed as part of a BSCS (Biological Sciences Curriculum Study) to improve the science and health curriculum for elementary schools. The 5 E method is an example of inquiry-based learning, in which students ask questions, decide what information enhances their understanding, and then self-assess. Fast Facts: 5 E Instructional Model The 5 E method is a  constructivist model of learning. It includes five stages: engage, explore, explain, extend, and evaluate.Each stage of instruction details the ideas, concepts, and skills needed for student inquiry. In addition, there are  expected behaviors for teachers and students, as well as opportunities to demonstrate learning through application.The strength of the 5 E model is that it provides multiple opportunities for assessment and opportunity for differentiation. The research showed positive results when the 5 E model was adopted by schools. Standardized tests scores showed that those students in classrooms using the BSCS science program for two years were four months ahead of students in other classrooms. According to the published report, the sustained use of an effective, research-based instructional model can help students learn fundamental concepts in science and other domains. In this  constructivist model of learning, there are five stages in learning, and each stage begins with the letter E: engage, explore, explain, extend, and evaluate. Engage Stage To engage students, teachers should connect the topic or concept at hand with prior understanding. Students are encouraged to ask questions or draw on experiences. The teacher does not correct any misconceptions about the topic or concept but does make notes about revisiting these misconceptions. The purpose of the engagement stage is to get students excited and ready to explore the topic or concept. Explore Stage Once students are interested, they can begin to investigate the problems associated with the topic or concept. Students pose real questions and develop hypotheses. The key concepts in the topic are identified while teachers provide hands-on activities. Students develop the skills that are needed to test their ideas. The teacher does not provide direct instruction at this time. Instead, the teacher leads students through inquiry-based questions as students work cooperatively in groups. During this stage, time is given to students to refine their hypotheses as they begin to reflect on the results of their investigations. Explain Stage Students develop explanations for what they have already observed. They define the necessary vocabulary and connect their findings to prior knowledge. The teacher should support student discussion and answer student questions.  While this stage is a direct instruction phase, the discussions mean that this new information is shared collaboratively. During this stage, students understand this information through a single example. For example, they may understand the life cycle of one species or a particular form of government. They will need the time, which is provided in the next stage, to internalize their understanding before comparing and contrasting. Extend Stage Research shows that students need to solidify their understanding by connecting what they have learned to something real. They need to move from a single example in the Explain stage to a generalization that can be applied in other examples. In applying this information, students may formulate new hypotheses. The new hypotheses can be tested in new investigations. In practicing new skills, students may take data and make new conclusions.  In the investigations during the extend phase, students use the vocabulary and concepts in their discussions and their writing. Evaluate Stage In the final stage, students return to the engage phase to compare their earlier understanding of what they know now. They address any misconceptions they held, and the teacher makes sure these misconceptions are corrected.  They reflect on what they know, and how they are now able to prove what they know in writing, discussion, and demonstration. Research shows that the evaluate stage should not be skipped. A unit test is not  a part of this stage since the teacher can complete a formal evaluation after the evaluation stage. Instead, teachers can evaluate the learning that has taken place through a problem scenario where students should apply their new knowledge.  Other evidence of understanding can be done through formative, informal performance, or summative assessments. Planning the 5E Model Teachers who plan to use the 5 E model should be aware that they should use this design for units of two to three weeks. Each stage should be planned to include one or more lessons. The co-creator of the 5 E model, Rodger W. Bybee, explained, â€Å"Using the 5Es model as the basis for a single lesson decreases the effectiveness of the individual phases due to shortening the time and opportunities for challenging and restructuring of concepts and abilities—for learning,† The 5E Model helps students to use inquiry to connect new information with prior knowledge through practice and reflection.  The teacher becomes a facilitator or guide who builds inquiry, exploration, and assessment into daily instruction approach. 5E Example: Math In a 5 E model for math, for example, a unit on rational numbers coming from mathematical and real-world situations could include converting between standard decimal notation and scientific notation. Engage: Students are given cards with rational numbers and asked: Where do you think that number should go on a number line?Do you think it could be placed in more than one place? Explore: Students use cards to order, match, and compare the rational numbers. Explain: The teacher provides examples of times people may use Scientific Notation; students practice organizing cards using what they know about Scientific Notation. Extend: Students try out their new understanding of rational numbers. Evaluate: Students  create a visual representation to organize and display the relationship between sets and subsets of numbers. Teachers can use the evaluate stage to determine how well students can use scientific notation and convert numbers in scientific notation to standard decimal notation. 5 E Model for Social Studies In social studies, the 5E method can be used in a unit that addresses forms of representative government. Engage: Students take a poll that asks what criteria they would like in a representative government Explore: Students explore different forms of representative governments including direct democracy, representative democracy, presidential democracy, parliamentary democracy, authoritarian democracy, participatory democracy, Islamic democracy, and social democracy. Explain: Students define terms and determine which representative government best fits the criteria from the poll. Extend: Students apply what they have learned about representative government to real-world examples. Evaluate: Students return to the information from the poll, adjust their criteria and then fashion a new form of representative government. 5 E English Example In ELA, the 5 E model can be used in a unit designed to help students better understand transition words through visual and kinesthetic activities. Engage: Students are handed transition words cards that they can act out (first, second, after, later). Explore: Students organize lists of transition words (by time, to compare, to contrast, to contradict) and discuss how transition words change understanding when applied to different passages. Explain: The teacher corrects any misconceptions while students define terms, determine what would be an excellent visual representation of a transition word and what body action best represents that transition word. Extend: In groups, students visually represent the transition word through visual or kinesthetic means in new passages provided by the teacher. Evaluate: Students share their representations and act them out. Science example The 5E Model was initially developed for science Instruction. This model is embedded in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)  as the best way for students to think scientifically. In one 5 E instructional model, using software, students design and then build an amusement park ride. Engage: Show video clips of different roller coaster rides and the riders’ reactions. Students can describe personal experiences riding roller coasters and brainstorm the reasons that roller coaster rides are thrilling. Explore: Students construct an accelerometer and then test it by having a student sit on a swivel chair and spin while holding the accelerometer. They will use data to calculate the g-force and the independent variable (mass of each student). Explain: Students access different amusement park websites to review the specifications in workbooks that detail the roller coasters in the park. Extend: Students use roller coaster software to aid them in a roller coaster design using free software on these sites: No-limits Coaster software,  Learner.org, Real Rollercoaster Simulator. Students will consider the question, How do the rules of mathematics and the laws of physics govern the designs of engineers? Evaluate: Students show their understanding of roller coaster science by calculating the velocity, g-force, and centripetal force. Students also write about them turning their calculations into narrative descriptions (commercials) to explain how their design is calculated for thrills. Sources Bybee, Rodger W., et al. The BSCS 5 E Instructional Model: Origins and Effectiveness. A report prepared for the Office of Science Education, National Institutes of Health.

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Essay on Basketball Needs To Be Fixed - 1318 Words

Basketball Needs to Be Fixed nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Professional and college basketball have become very popular in the hearts and minds of many Americans. Millions of dollars a year are spent on apparel, tickets, and television all generated by peoples love for basketball. But in the last couple of years, both the National Basketball Association (NBA) and college basketball have lost a substantial amount of their competition and have caught much criticizim for it. At the heart of this problem is a single cause, greed. The game of basketball has become all about money instead of the game and its fans. This problem needs to be addressed, and the best place to start is with the college players, or more specifically, the NBA draft.†¦show more content†¦College basketball markets their teams after their best players, when those players decide to go pro early, the promotion of college basketball is hurt; along with the overall talent level of the league is lowered drastically. Games become less interesting because the players are not as talented. This in turn hurts the television networks because people do not like watching games in which they do not know who the players are. And then, that in turn hurts the league and the schools again because the networks will not pay as much to televise the games as they once did. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The schools and the league are not the only ones hurt, by leaving school early hoping to make the big bucks the players hurt themselves. In the world that we live in today, if you do not have a college degree, opportunities are limited. Look at the statistics, 60 players are drafted each year, and there are only 360 roster spots in the entire NBA. The chances that each player drafted will make the team is almost an impossibility. Some people go back to school and try to finish their degrees, but most do not because once you give up your eligibility, you cannot get it back, with means most of them cannot afford to go back to school. This leaves a lot of people out of work and with no degree. By keeping the college players in school, most will achieveShow MoreRelatedThe Mindsets Can Cope With The Failure Of The Difference Way1130 Words   |  5 Pageswhat is mindset? It is a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determined how you will interpret and respond to situations. According to Carol Dweck’s mindset book, people in the world was divided into two mindsets: the fixed mindset and the growth mindset. Fixed mindset which is people think that the intelligent, smart, high potential of learning is the natural ability. It has already in their body when they was born and this abilities never change. You are smart or not that who you areRead MoreVariable Costs1487 Words   |  6 PagesANSWER KEY on page 5. Also provide BRIEF answers to each of the 4 â€Å"essay type/logical† questions. Multiple-Choice Questions 1. A manufacturer produces 1,000 basketballs each day, which it sells to customers for $30 each. All costs associated with production and sales total $10,000; however, if the manufacturer were to produce one additional basketball per day, total costs would increase to $10,100. From these amounts, we can tell that a. the firm has negative profit. b. marginal cost equals $100.Read MoreBaseball Is The Hardest Sport Essay1470 Words   |  6 Pagesa sport one can just start playing and expect to be exceptional at. Baseball requires players to be in tremendous shape all season long. Not only do they need to be in good shape to perform well, but to avoid physical injuries. Some common injuries to our bodies can be various sprains and strains in areas such as our legs and back. Players need to keep their bodies in good overall condition, but also their arms as well. Throwing a baseball too much can be grueling on the arm because it is not a naturalRead MoreRhetorical Analysis : Boys Beware 1277 Words   |  6 Pagesa school district as well. When an entire police department helps to create a film about a problem, the viewer will understand that the problem is real. This is a great use of ethos, as the viewer now knows that the problem shown in the film needs to be fixed. This is extremely effective to parents because, in comparis on to teenagers, parents better understand and acknowledge the power of the police. In addition to the police department, the Inglewood Unified School district also helped create theRead MoreThe University Of Never Land987 Words   |  4 Pagesprofit. The school wants to borrow $1,000,000 to help renovate the Dumbo Arena where the basketball and volleyball teams play, but Rocky Balboa has one more financial issue he needs to fix. He must get the associate athletic director to develop a policy and procedures statement for the athletic department on how account payables and receivables are handled so that bills will be paid on time. Once this issue is fixed, then Mr. Balboa can work with the arena on securing the loan to renovate Dubmo ArenaRead MoreConverse case study1357 Words   |  6 PagesConverse 1. How would you define the needs, wants, and demands of the Converse customer? Needs lead to wants, wants lead to demands, demands lead to perception. Consumers want stylish shoes, so they demand that they be affordable. A need is a state of deprivation, and some needs according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs are more crucial than others, in this case Converse customers need shoes to protect their feet, this is a basic need. A want is the form human needs take as they are shaped by cultureRead MoreThe Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Essay763 Words   |  4 Pagesto Reardan, and also, Penelopes dad is racist. Still, they become close friends and start dating. He also makes friends with Roger (surprisingly), since Roger is a friend of Penelope. When Junior made the basketball team, they become closer. Roger even gave Junior a ride home after a basketball game. Arnold also becomes a friend of a geek, Gordy. They were both outcasts, and they understood how it felt to not fit in. After making all these friends, he feels that he is starting to f it in with theRead MoreCredit Card Payment Options At Williams Arena1205 Words   |  5 PagesBusinesses that offer multiple payment options reap the rewards of increased sales and larger profit margins1. Williams Arena, the home of University of Minnesota Gopher Basketball, currently accepts only cash at their concession stands during events. This proposal aims to encourage you to introduce credit card payment options at Williams Arena for the upcoming seasons. Doing this would benefit both the Gopher Athletics’ sales department and the patrons of the arena. After the problem is describedRead MoreThe Report On The Undercover Boss Television1448 Words   |  6 Pagescurrently the CEO and owner of the Utah Jazz National Basketball team in Salt Lake City, Utah. The family business was passed down to Greg from his father, Larry H. Miller who passed away. The Jazz organization has about 90 members within their System of Hierarchy (See Appendix A). Every department reports to Ra ndy Rigby (President), and his report are giving to the CEO. The Utah Jazz mission is the rightful become one of the National Basketball Association elite teams. The arena was built to restoreRead MoreJob performance is normally measured by task related statements and behaviors. Nowadays,800 Words   |  4 Pagesintended to cause harm and it is when the player makes an illegal physical contact on the opponent. Also technical fouls falls under both categories and basketball fouls do not always fall under the definition of counterproductive performance but many do. Organization citizenship and counterproductive performance are dynamic overtime and it is not fixed in the individual’s performance. Individual players are to be changing in their rank over time and it can indicate the occurrence of dynamic criteria

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Business and Management Context

Question: Discuss about the Business and Management Context. Answer: The world today is filled with companies, which compete with one another in order to stay ahead of the race of being at the top or at the first of the race. Top companies of the world participate and undertake many strategies that maximize their profit and give them maximum amount of revenue. The performance and the outcome of companies are affected due to various internal as well as external factors. These factors often contribute to the success and sometimes the failure of the companies to achieve maximum profit and revenue. The companies are often affected by these factors which affect the outcome and the performance of that particular company. The essay discusses the organizational structure of Uber as a company. It also discusses the environmental forces that affect the company, the risks that confront the firm, the organization and business practices and organizational functions of diverse firms. Uber is an American transportation network company. It operates in around 570 cities over the world. The CEO of the company is Travis Kalanick. The company specializes in the taxi service that is provided to the consumers. The company has become one of the leading taxi rental services of the world having its presence in over 570 cities. The company has an efficient organizational set up that has contributed to the company being one of the leading taxi or car rental companies of the world. The organizational structure of any company is important as a detailed analysis of the same helps to analyze the layout and the find out the loopholes and the drawbacks that often affect the performance of the company. The organizational structure of the company is important to consider in order to monitor and analyze the efficacy of the operations of the company. The company is a technology startup that helps the consumers or the customers to avail and also share rides to reach a new destination fr om another. The organizational structure of the company is important to analyze the internal organizational breakdown which can help in the analysis of the operations of the company. The organizational structure of Uber is somewhat like this The environmental forces generally affect the performance of a company. Uber is a transportation company that is one of the leading companies of the world. The company is rapidly growing with its operations being spread out to different cities of the world (Feeney, 2015). The rapid expansion of its business operations shows the popularity of the organization. The identification and analysis of the Porters 5 forces for the company helps to analyze the environmental factors of a company. The five forces help to decide and analyse the factors that affect the performance and the outcome of a company. The Porters 5 forces mainly comprises of five components. They are: the threat of new entrants, industry rivals, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers and the threat of substitutes. Threat of new entrants: Uber is a startup that faces a lot of competition from many new market entrants. The company has many already existing as well as new competitors in the market. The main competitors of Uber in a worldwide basis are Ola cabs, Lyft, Curb and Didi Chuxing. The company lacks the protection from new firms that come up with a ride-sharing format. These new firms charge lesser fare for covering the same distance (Gabel, 2016). Ola is a transportation company that is app-based that is based in India. The company has about over 40,000 cars in the country and provides services to about 22 cities in India. In China, Didi Chuxing is a transportation company that is formed by the merger of two largest transportation firms, Kuaidi Dache. It has about 99 per cent of the market share. A sound funding by giants like Apple Inc, Alibaba and Tencet Holdings backs the company. The company is purchasing the rights of Uber, which means that Uber is losing out almost $2 billion. Companies like Ola, Grab, Ly ft and Didi Chuxing are collaborating with each other to beat the competition and trying to overtake the business of Uber (Bashir, Yousaf Verma, 2016). The company, while setting up the business, parted with a lot of capital, while on the other hand, the other startups depended upon a lesser amount of capital to start their business. Bargaining power of suppliers: The company relies greatly on the vehicles of the owners who drive the car. The business model of the company relies on drivers and the partners who own rides. Uber uses an outsourcing strategy for the assets to persons and its labor that meet the terms and conditions for the use of their web application. It is often difficult to find a substitute for particular drivers. The owners of the vehicles have the freedom to choose over Uber and other companies that are the rivals of Uber. Therefore, it can be observed that the suppliers have and enjoy a greater power (Thursby Berbari, 2016). Bargaining power of the buyers: The customers have at their disposal, many options from which they can choose. Customers can choose from a variety of companies like Ola, Lyft or other ride sharing transportation options. The switching to other options also is very cheap compared to Uber. The system of ride sharing makes it cheaper for consumers to avail the app-based transportation facility. Threat of substitutes: For Uber, taxi services are the closest substitutes including the ride-sharing option. The abundance of availability of other options makes it difficult for Uber to undertake the operations smoothly. The public transportation like bus and taxi also act as a threat of substitute for the company. Competitive rivalry: Uber has many competitors in the market that pose a threat for the company. One of the major competitors of Uber is Lyft. Lyft has an almost similar operations and business models. The competition between the two firms is very intense (Rogers, 2015). The competitors compete for the suppliers as well as the market share. Uber is a market leader but the differentiation strategies of other firms restrict the potential of Uber as a company. Uber is confronted by many risks that exist in the market. Few of the risks are: The low profit margin of the drivers makes them unhappy and dissatisfied with the company. This makes them lock to the other competitive rivals of Uber. This can dispirit the new drivers from choosing Uber (Barro, 2014). Due to some legal rules and regulations that are imposed in various countries like Germany, makes it difficult for Uber to operate. The rules and regulations imposed by the government acts as a hindrance to the growth and development of the company in those countries. The risk of bad reputation due to many fraudulent and dishonest activities of the drivers remains one of the biggest risk for Uber. These types of activities damage the reputation of the company and the brand image of the company. With the advent of technology, there are many important innovations, which are making the need for transportation services obsolete. Self-driving cars from Google and the Segway often offer easier and more comfortable alternative to hiring the facility of transportation activities (Gabel, 2016). One of the main risks that Uber faces is the over-evaluation of a particular location which can lead to over investment in that location. This can lead to the company facing and incurring losses and thus losing out greatly of profitability and revenue generation. Uber Technologies Inc. is a company that has its operations spread out to over 570 cities across the globe ("Sign up to drive with Uber", 2017). It is a transportation company that offers rides to the consumers at a pre decided rate for a specific route. The customers can book the ride with the help of apps which can be accessed through a smartphone. The company operates in about 58 countries ("Sign up to drive with Uber", 2017). The drivers of Uber own their own vehicle or car. The company has a heavy investment in the research and development of the mobile app. The company requires the drivers as well as the consumers to possess a smartphone. The company enjoys a higher opportunity for growth and development in the future. The company, in most cities, offer upfront pricing which means that the average amount of fare that the rider has to pay is shown to the rider before taking the price (Henten Windekilde, 2016). The average earning per hour is $19.04 for the drivers of Uber ("Sig n up to drive with Uber", 2017). The practice of surcharge pricing that is prevalent in Uber is one of the main highlights of the company. It capitalizes on the willingness of the customers to pay more which is directly related to a high demand. Uber relies greatly on the operations and logistics managers of the firm, who are responsible for optimizing and growing the supply side of the market (Gloss, McGregor Brown, 2016). They help in highlighting the potential driver and potential partners. The firm has a culture of experimentation that leads to various projects. There are two divisions of Uber, namely, UberEATS and Otto. References: Barro, J. (2014). Under pressure from Uber, taxi medallion prices are plummeting.The New York Times. Bashir, M., Yousaf, A., Verma, R. (2016). Disruptive business model innovation: How a tech firm is changing the traditional taxi service industry.Indian Journal of Marketing,46(4), 49-59. Feeney, M. (2015). PolicyAnalysis. Gabel, D. (2016). Uber and the Persistence of Market Power.Journal of Economic Issues,50(2), 527-534. Gabel, D. (2016). Uber and the Persistence of Market Power.Journal of Economic Issues,50(2), 527-534. Glss, M., McGregor, M., Brown, B. (2016, May). Designing for labour: uber and the on-demand mobile workforce. InProceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems(pp. 1632-1643). ACM. Henten, A. H., Windekilde, I. M. (2016). Transaction costs and the sharing economy.info,18(1), 1-15. Rogers, B. (2015). The social costs of Uber.U. Chi. L. Rev. Dialogue,82, 85. Sign up to drive with Uber. 2017. Uber. Retrieved 3 April 2017, from https://www.uber.com/signup/drive/lp/?city_name=nationalutm_source=AdWords_Brandutm_campaign=search-google-brand_1_-99_us-nationaltier1_d_txt_acq_cpc_en-us_uber%20usa_kwd-110756283842_171080509904_28781131960_e_c_track-jan21generalupdate_restructurecid=333818080adg_id=28781131960fi_id=match=enet=gdev=cdev_m=cre=171080509904kwid=kwd-110756283842kw=uber%20usaplacement=tar=gclid=CPvC75rxiNMCFdUSaAod2qQCjAgclsrc=aw.dsdclid=CKOosp3xiNMCFVKJaAod_EgBRw Thursby, M. C., Berbari, M. (2016). Identifying and Evaluating Market Opportunities. InTechnological Innovation: Generating Economic Results(pp. 33-58). Emerald Group Publishing Limited

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Atwood present the Commander Essay Example

Atwood present the Commander Essay In A Handmaids Tale the Commander is the most powerful authority figure in Offreds world. He is a high-ranking governement official and he is the head of the household that Offred has been assigned to. The Handmaids are defined solely through their bodies and their Commander and in chapter 15 we see why. The chapter begins with the Commander knocking at the door, the knock is prescribed, this gives the chapter an isolated, clinical feel now that the Commander is entering his wifes territory Atwoods use of language here is very effective, she says how the Commander is supposed to ask permisson to enter and how Serena Joy likes to keep him waiting. This shows the reader the awkwardness and power in the Commander his wifes relationship. Serena Joy in the next chapter is about to have her role as a wife violated, she is taking advantage of the power she has over the Household because in the next chapter she is powerless to the Ceremony. Atwood then uses a rhetorical question Who knows what she said to him, over the silver-encrusted dinner table? We will write a custom essay sample on Atwood present the Commander specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Atwood present the Commander specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Atwood present the Commander specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Or didnt say to keep the reader interested and get the reader thinking about the relationship between this husband and wife. The Commander is described by Atwood as a museum guard in his black uniform. he is then describes as a semi-retired man, genial but wary, killing time. But only at first glance, this is important as Atwood is hinting to the reader that all is not what is seems at first glance not just in this chapter but throughout the novel. Atwoods description of the Commanders straight, neatly brushed silver hair his sober posture shoulders a little stooped, the description of his shoulders suggests that not only is the Commander feeling awkward but embarrassed aswell. The description continues with the Commanders eyes being described as falsely innocuous, meaning falsely harmless, this adds to the the feeling that nothing is what it appears to be. The Commander looks at the household as though they are inventory something he inherited.. he hasnt figured out what to do with us what we are worth, the Commander thinks of these people, his wife, chauffeur, handmaid and house servants as objects, this adds to the emotionless atmosphere to the chapter. The relationship between the Comander and his wife is revealed again in this chapter, Atwood describes how the Commander nods, in the direction of Serena Joy, who does not make a sound, there is a lack of communication between them and it is on full view for the rest of the household to see. The Commander proceeds to unlock an ornate box, the word ornate is perfect for this box and chapter as everyone is in a complicated situation. The contents of this box is a bible which is kept locked up the way people kept tea locked up, tea was very expensive therefore precious, the Bible can also be seen as precious because this society is based on Biblical teachings. However the Bible is almost described as dangerous to this society, it is an incendiary device.. who knows what we would make of it. The Commander reads this device and the household are expectant here comes our bedtime story, this adds to this view of first apperances are dangerous, this falsely innocuous man is now reading his household a bedtime story from the Bible. Atwood again, describes the Commander as a shoemaker in an old fairytale book, she asks another rhetorical question to make the reader think again about the impression of the Commander: Is there no end to his disguises, of benevolence? Atwood then uses language to evoke sympathy for the Commander, To be a man, watched by women. It must be entirely strange, she also uses the repetition of To have them to evoke sypathy for example, To have them watching him all the time To have them flinch when he moves.. To have them sizing him up. Atwoods use of effective language doesnt stop there, she then goes on to say how the Commander is like a sock over a foot, To have them putting him on, trying him out.. this could reflect Offreds situation, as she is just an object who is tried out. Still continuing with the like a sock over a foot similie Atwood uses adjectives such as expands bulging grows big and they may also reflect the Handmaids as these are words usually associated with pregnancy. The Commander is describes as on a journey into darkness that is composed of women, a woman, who can see in darkness while he himself strains blindly forward. This suggests several things, the journey of darkness could be the view of this dystopian society which the Commander is clearly blind to,(he fulfills his legal obligations within his household but does so without conviction) and the only person who can see in darkness is a woman, this could be Offred, as she is so far seen to be against this society. Atwood uses language to create an intense and uncomfortable atmosphere, for example, She watched him from within Were all watching him since he has entered the room the Commander has been watched by all. Again, Atwood uses a similie to describe the Commander: he is like a boot Hard on the outside, giving shape to a pulp of a tenderfoot, this is another effective use of language in Atwoods presentation of the Commander. The final use of repetition in Chapter 15 is very effective, Atwood is still trying to evoke sympathy Still it must be hell, to be a man, like that but then she corrects herself It must be just fine It must be hell It must be very silent. Atwood is showing that she has not made a decision about whether the Commander is a hard man who is emotionless, if he was this situation would be just fine, however if not then his situation must be hell.

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Green Ash Tree Facts, Identification, and Management

Green Ash Tree Facts, Identification, and Management Green ash will reach a height of about 60 feet with a spread of 45 feet. Upright main branches bear twigs which droop toward the ground then bend upward at their tips much like Basswood. The glossy dark green foliage will turn yellow in the fall, but the color is often muted in the south. There is a good seed-set annually on female trees which are used by many birds but some consider the seeds to be messy. This fast-growing tree will adapt to many different landscape conditions and can be grown on wet or dry sites, preferring moist. Some cities have over-planted green ash. Specifics of the Green Ash Scientific name: Fraxinus pennsylvanicaPronunciation: FRACK-sih-nus pen-sill-VAN-ih-kuhCommon name(s): Green AshFamily: OleaceaeUSDA hardiness zones: 3 through 9AOrigin: Native to North AmericaUses: Large parking lot islands; wide tree lawns; recommended for buffer strips around parking lots or for median strip plantings in the highway; reclamation plant; shade tree;Availability: Generally available in many areas within its hardiness range. Native Range Green ash extends from Cape Breton Island and Nova Scotia west to southeastern Alberta; south through central Montana, northeastern Wyoming, to southeastern Texas; and east to northwestern Florida and Georgia. Description Leaf: Opposite, pinnately compound with 7 to 9 serrate leaflets that are lanceolate to elliptical in shape, entire leaf is 6 to 9 inches long, green above and glabrous to silky-pubescent below. Crown uniformity: Symmetrical canopy with a regular (or smooth) outline, and individuals have more or less identical crown forms. Trunk/bark/branches:  Grow mostly upright and will not droop; not particularly showy; should be grown with a single leader; no thorns. Breakage:  Susceptible to breakage either at the crotch due to poor collar formation, or the wood itself is weak and tends to break. Flower and Fruit Flower: Dioecious; light green to purplish, both sexes lacking petals, females occurring in loose panicles, males in tighter clusters, appear after the leaves unfold. Fruit: A single-winged, dry, flattened samara with a slender, thin seed cavity, maturing in autumn and dispersing over winter. Special Uses Green ash wood, because of its strength, hardness, high shock resistance, and excellent bending qualities is used in specialty items such as tool handles and baseball bats but is not as desirable as white ash. It is also a favorite tree used in city and yard landscapes. Several Green Ash Hybrids ‘Marshall Seedless’- some seeds, yellow fall color, fewer insect problems,; ‘Patmore’ - excellent street tree, straight trunk, good yellow fall color, seedless; ‘Summit’ - female, yellow fall color, straight trunk but pruning required to develop strong structure, abundant seeds, and flower galls can be a nuisance; ‘Cimmaron’ is a new plant (USDA hardiness zone 3) reported to have a strong trunk, good lateral branching habit, and tolerance to salt. Damaging Pests Borers: Common on Ash and they can kill trees. The most common borers infesting Ash are Ash borer, lilac borer, and carpenterworm. Ash borer bores into the trunk at or near the soil line causing tree dieback. Anthracnose: also called leaf scorch and leaf spot. Infected parts of the leaves turn brown, especially along the margins. Infected leaves fall prematurely. Rake up and destroy infected leaves. Chemical controls are not practical or economical on large trees. Trees in the south can be severely affected. The Most Widely Distributed   Green ash (Fraxinus pennsylvanica), also called red ash, swamp ash, and water ash  is the most widely distributed of all the American ashes. Naturally a moist bottomland or stream bank tree, it is hardy to climatic extremes and has been widely planted in the Plains States and Canada. The commercial supply is mostly in the South. Green ash is similar in property to white ash and they are marketed together as white ash. The large seed crops provide food to many kinds of wildlife. Due to its good form and resistance to insects and disease, it is a very popular ornamental tree.

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International Business Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

International Business Management - Essay Example The resources that the investor would like to control most are trademarks, patents and management know how that can be used to determine the competitiveness position of the initial holder (Schutter et al., 2013, p. 81). FDI can be horizontal or vertical. Horizontal FDI occurs when a company invests in the same trade as it has been dealing with at home (Chen, 2000, pp. 91–95). Vertical FDI has two forms, that is, forward and backward FDI. Forward vertical FDI occurs when a company invests in amenities that will devour the output of the original firm in the home country. The backward vertical FDI takes place where a firm invests in the facilities that provide raw materials or inputs to the home country (Schutter et al., 2013, p. 82). Coca cola has become the largest soft drink firm globally since it was formulated 140 years ago in Georgia United States. Currently, the company has its product in more than 200 countries worldwide serving more than 16 million people. The process of Coca Cola company investment in China started in 1979 after China and United States restored their diplomatic relations. The first Coca cola manufacturing factory was launched in 1981 in Beijing. The process of decision making consists of different stages and decision making along the way. The foremost phase of the process is the consideration for exportation possibility, in which the Coca Cola company managers determined if they can export their product to China. To make this decision the company considers transportation costs and the importation barrier. In case the transportation costs and importation barriers are too high, the Coca Cola Company discards the idea for exporting their product to China. In this notion it is impossible for the Coca Cola Company to export their soft drinks all the way to China, therefore, a different approach is used. The Company may think of joint venture alliances in the China market by